We Buy Homes In Oklahoma City
Rogers Leasing is able to provide superior service and housing because we own all of our leased properties. We are not the middle man. Many times we purchase our properties directly from the owners. When we purchase a property we pay cash and promise you a no-hassle straightforward transaction. We are always upfront and professional with our customers. If you are interested in selling your property quickly please contact us.
Frequently Asked Questions
Are you buying my house directly from me? Or listing it for sale?
Rogers Leasing would like to buy your house directly from you. We are in the business of purchasing and leasing properties. We do not provide realtor services.
Will you give an offer on a property regardless of condition?
We will always give you an offer regardless of condition. Our business model requires that our offer will always be less than or at fair market value. In return we offer the ability for you to sell within 7 days. If you are afraid of going into foreclosure or you have an life changing event in which you need to move your property quickly and without hassle we can help you!
What if I have my property listed through a realtor?
Ideally we like to purchase properties without involving a realtor, but we can work with you on a sale even if a realtor is involved. Not involving a realtor allows you to receive more money for your property and allows us to purchase it without having to pay realtor fees.
Do you purchase duplexes, apartment homes, or office buildings?
Yes! While Rogers Leasing does not currently own duplexes, apartment homes, or office buildings we would be very interested in seeing your property.
Do you purchase properties that are currently leased?
Yes! We are very willing to work with your tenant to keep them happy and in the property you are selling.
Will you work with me if I have a lien on my property?
Rogers Leasing has the expertise and ability to work with you to remove a lien from your property. Many times a lien can cause a sale to fall through, but we will always do our very best to help you resolve the lien and finalize the sale.