Leon "Buddy" Rogers and son Charles "Brent" Rogers built homes in South Oklahoma City area between 1965 - 1985. As an Oklahoma City housing boom declined in the late 1980's they retired from the business of home building, but their love of homes did not. In 2005, Brent started to lease one of the homes he had hung on to for all those years. This was the beginning of Rogers Leasing. Many of the homes that are owned and leased today were built by Leon and Brent.
The mission of Rogers Leasing is to provide the best home leasing experience in Oklahoma City. Rogers Leasing incorporates the best home services and lease homes in Oklahoma City. Each home we lease is renovated and meticulously maintained by the highest quality of workmanship to match our top quality service. Rogers Leasing is there for our customers whether it is night or day because we realize having a safe and comfortable home is important.